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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let's Get Ready for School!

My Dad is a retired school teacher so school has always been an important part of my life even when I wasn't going to school. Let me first say that this is not an original idea, I was looking on the message board at cricut.com and saw a layout very similar to this one. I went to the board and tried to find the person so I could give them credit but it must have been over a year ago I saw it and I couldn't find it again.

The papers were some I had that was old not sure what company it is.. but I love the colors and think the primary colors are perfect with the subject matter.

All these things remind me of the first time I went to school ... glue... scissors... yellow pencils.. brings back alot of memories..I can almost smell the school... didn't school have a whole different smell than the rest of the world?

I love how the word recess is all in one piece... perfect for titles!

I had to do a bit of marker work to highlight some of the bus and the slide.... didn't you love the school slide? :-)

Okay enough of a travel down memory lane to school days... I hope you enjoy this layout as much I did making it! Please leave comments I love em!! And if you were the one that made the layout and posted it to cricut.com please let me know. I wanna give credit to where its due. Everyone stay cool in this HOT HOT HOT weather! It is the perfect time to scrap! Too hot to do laundry or housework!!

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Tammy said...

Love it Deb, the colors fit this page to a T. Great Job as usual.