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Monday, April 25, 2011

Livvie Girl's Bedroom Walls Part 1

When I went to Janet's this weekend I took vinyl cuts from my cricut to put up on her wall. First time to do this on a bedroom wall.
This is part one because I will be adding additional items over the headboard of her bed and vinyl on one small chest of drawers too..

When it was finished Olivia said shaking her head "I like it!, I DO like it Nana!"

*** Footnote,,,,,,,,I have had a request to make this a tutorial so when I do the other side I am gonna add it to my blog as a tutorial! Keep tuned in~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ok My First Imagine Layout.....................TAAADAAA!!!!!!!

OK this was my first time around with Imogene the Imagine... I think I need to do a bit more calibration.. When I did my first trials it seemed to be ok but the more I cut the worse it seemed to be so I need to investigate that a bit more.. I love how you can layer things and make them 3 D...

You can make the letters to match using the patterns on the cartridge

I love the froggie... he went a courtin teehee

But I think this is my most favorite thing with the Imagine.... The journal boxes... They are so awesome!!!
Please leave a comment.... Any and all will help me to become better with this new machine... I can't wait to do my next layout with Imogene~~~~~

The Cat's Meow!

This layout was inspired by the Circle Blog... Jana did one so very close to it and I loved hers... so I gotta send a shout out to her for the design.. Cracked out my Peachy Keen stamps for the face on the kitty... but his moustache....errrr whiskers????? well I had drew those in betcha couldn't guess that in a million years! LOL..................

As Promised........................BUT a word from a previous project!

I know what you are thinking... where is the Imagine project she promised... I did finish it.. but I wanna show you just a few things first please?
I picked up this Teresa Collins kit when I was in Indy at the Circle Meetup... I made it up for Olivia's 2nd birthday.. I love how it turned out! I used numerous cutouts from the cricut and various cartridges...The pictures are on her ACTUAL birthday, she had a party before her birth date.... so without further adieu here is my first lil book.....

 The balloons were cut out and then topped with crystal lacquer..they wanted to curl up on me pretty bad though... I used two candles on the cake to represent her 2nd birthday. I tried to do that through out the book.
This is the first of several little pockets in the book. This one had tags on it with little things that I wish for Olivia for her life..
 I also went through my carts and cut out all sorts of twos... all different kinds.
 I used my peachy keen face stamps to make the faces on the center of my daises. I love those stamps! Look at all the little faces she comes up with! Oh my gosh she is a hot mess! I love her so much. Until you have a grandchild no one can tell you how much you will fall in love with them!
 This pocket holds tags with memories I have of her from this past year. So many little antidotes she said and did... Things I never want her to forget that they were special to me!

 This was way more fun than I would have ever imagined. I am not much for this type thing...

 This the last pocket holds all different kinds of twos. On them I wrote things like 2 cute, 2 funny, because she is all those things in my eyes.
 I love this page with the cupcakes and blue birds! I used my brand new copic markers to do these.
 Final page are pictures from her actual birthday party. She and I and one with her Mom ( my daughter) and Dad
For Olivia.... The love of my life........ I hope one day she looks through this and sees how much her Nana loves her!

Imagine Update!! OKAY

I have my first layout printed,,, cutout,,, and I just have to glue it down and take a picture,,, just wanted everyone to standby... when I get off work today it is my first priority!!! It WILL be done before American Idol comes on tonight... can you tell I am a fan???

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Newest Addition to the Family! IMOGENE the Imagine!

OK, today I got home and there was a humongous box sitting in the middle of my living room!
 It was my new Cricut Imagine... I did not IMAGINE it would be so big... I mean I knew it was going to be larger than the other machines but I just did not IMAGINE it would be THIS BIG!! ..... Size aside..... I got it hooked up and positioned on my nice little roller thingies that a lady on the message board told me were awesome and they are! Shout out to her... All hooked up... ready to go.... paper in.... nice first cut .. a bit off kilter but that's ok I will re caliber... did... next cut was great!...

So then I eat dinner and watch American Idol...

back to my new BIG baby.... I decide I need to register it before I go any further... Where is the serial number on this big boy????? go ahead guess.... DEAD LEVEL BOTTOM!! So I pull it off my nice caddy thingies... turn it upside down and get the number... put it back on the caddies... of course it takes me about 20 mins to get it all perfectly set up again... I do some more cutting out and some more playing... now I would share some of my cuts but I am dog tired at this point!... I will revisit this tomorrow after work.. I promise to post some pictures of my playtime with Imogene this weekend.. Be sure and stop back by for that... I am terribly excited about my newest addition to the family!
IMOGENE the Cricut Imagine

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Imagine What I Can DO!!!!

My husband surprized me with the purchase of the Cricut Imagine Machine! I am so thankful for his thoughtfulness. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow so I am getting my scrapbook room ready in preparation for playing all evening with it tomorrow... SOO excited! Can't wait!!! Any and all advise concerning the newest bug in my family is more than welcome!......