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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Seven weeks ago the most wonderful thing happened to me. I became a grandmother.
Two days later I saw him for the very first time. I saw how beautiful he was. I saw how tiny he was and I saw him wrap his fingers around my finger holding on so tight and thats when he stole my heart and became the most wonderful thing in the world for me. He was our blessed Easter miracle!
When I saw him again. He was looking so much better! His face had filled out and he was gorgeous.. the most beautiful baby that has ever graced this earth. He smiled at me when I lowered my face to the glass and spoke his name.. "Hi Keaton, Nana is here." He was so strong as he lifted his head up from the bed. My heart was so full of love for him I thought it would burst. He was doing so well.
The next day our tiny baby boy became sick. If I had known what the future held I would have never left the hospital. Every second was precious.
At that moment I prayed like I had never prayed nor will ever pray again.
One month ago I watched my daughter and son in law go through the worst time in their lives. That made it the worst time in my life. I wish I could have taken the whole thing away from them so that they didnt have to feel it.. I would have given anything for things to have been different.
One month ago I saw courage in the truest form. I saw a little man bravely fight for his life with all he had. I saw the courage in my daughter and son in law as they loved their baby enough to make the decision to allow him to go rather than to see him suffer because we all wanted him to stay so bad we were willing to keep him with us no matter what . That took courage that I know I would never had been able to have and it took great love. They are true heros. I admire them and respect them so much for that courage and love.
One month ago the tiny grandson that had in just a few short days become my world was lost to me forever and I never even got to hold him not even once.
One month ago I lost the most precious thing I have ever had in my world. It wasnt anything this earth could give me..it was more precious than gold, or silver and it was worth more than anything that I could ever have recieved in my life.
One month ago the world continued to turn, the sun continued to shine, the rivers continued to race....but only one short month ago a part of me was taken away, a part that will never heal.
I will love you and keep you forever in my heart, my darling Keaton.