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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My New Scrap Home!

I have been working on my scrapbook room for quite a few months now trying to get just the right look and feel to what I want.. I think I made it.. Here are a few pics of "MY SCRAP HOME" I hope you like it... while it's not fancy it is the place I go to be with my favorite toys my Create, Expressions, and of course the Gypsy! They have the absolute center of the room and I built all my other sections around the stars of my room!

This is my stickles storage along with my prized Tim Holtz tin I made at CHA a couple years ago... I am a Tim Fan too

This is my rubber stamping area... Those are my stamps in the binders on the first shelf.. my ink pads are sitting under that shelf on the desk behind the light.. above those are my pens, chalks, and anything I need to stamp out my creations. The plastic drawers hold other goodies, scissors, clear stamp blocks. I have my wooden blocks in a drawer under the table!

This is my scrap area to the left of my cricut area... This is where I Put my pages together

This is under my cricut station... It's the papers I have that are in pads. The drawers under them are for border strips, mat stacks, and you can see tomatoes my Mom canned for me peeping out at you! Thanks Mom~!

This is my computer area where I sit and look at cricut.com! although that is Facebook and mafia wars up there on the screen now!

The next three pictres are of my various punch and embelishment storage... alot to keep me busy!

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