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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Cards

 These are from my rubber stamp root days.... I was a rubber stamper many years before the scrappin bug hit me

 This heart is a Magenta stamp... Magenta was my favorite stamp company at the time.

 Then I had the rose chapter in my life... every stamp I bought was a floral of some sort

 My son in law had a VW beetle so this was his birthday card that year

 and again with the floral chapter HA HA HA

ANY KIND of floral was my thing

 This was from my ............  eye period??? Have no clue where I got the  notion or the stamp to do this one or who I gave it to.

 This one reminds me of my daughter... I love it!

Cat Meow! WOW! How corny was that

This stamp was purchased solely for my daughter.. She loves Jackie Kennedy & Grace Kelly and this stamp reminded me of that.... I drove all the way to Cinncinati to find this stamp. When I got there they only had it in unmounted... SO this was the first stamp I purchased unmounted... until then I was certain there were no stamps unless they were WOOD MOUNT.. now I have alot of woodmount I just rarely use them. I hope you enjoy these cards.


Pam aka TheBugBytes said...

Love your stamp collections. Thanks for sharing it with us. Maybe you can make a mini album called " My stamp days". How cool that would be

Diane M. said...

Lovely collection of stamped cards.

Missie said...

very pretty! Thank you for sharing your creations for all to see!

Lisa said...

That was fun to see all your cards! They are really very nice and Pam had a great idea about a mini album for them.