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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy January 2011 Everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!!!. I have been in a scrapping mood as of late and since January 1st I have completed 3 two page layouts! I know, I know!!! I hear you saying "that's a layout a week!!! What is up with Debbie!!!"
I just have been bitten by the bug HARD so I have been scrapping like a fiend... I have decided to upload them to my blog.
I know it's been awhile, forgive me.. I hope to upload more in the near future since I still have my scrapping bug going on!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I still have these layouts on my gypsy and can give you sizes as close as I can. I suppose I could even share the gypsy file? I have never done that before but I am sure it can't be THAT hard?

Happy Scrapping!!

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craftaholic said...

Thank you for sharing and welcome to the Cricut circle! I am not on the forum that much but I am always checking out new and old blogs! I love to blog hop and always have someones blog candy giveaways posted on my blog...Feel free to go and check out mine and don't forget to become a follower and leave me comment's!! I love to read my followers comments!! Have a great day and hope to see alot of you!!